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We have been in our home for about two weeks now and things would not be better! I am just so excited to share this review and giveaway with you all. Now that I have kids I have always wanted to measure them on the all and show them how big they have gotten. But I have found a even better way to do that! Thanks to we where able to make a great wall decal of a monkey tree that measures them as they grow. can make you just about any decals you want or need, from wall decals to window displays or even decals for your car. Bloggers, etsy owners that would be a great way to show people your site!!! Don't have a blog or a business, don't worry they still have you covered. Like my monkey tree!

My sister in law came over one day to help me put this up on the wall. It was really easy to do. The tree came in one piece and the leaves, monkey, banana and bird was all other pieces.  

Also keep in mind if you don't see what you want, try emailing then and they will offer you a free design services. This way you are getting the creation you have always wanted.

Aiden had a blast watching us up it up. He even helped up two of the leaves up. Once we where done, wow it just make the whole room. It went from, ok its a bedroom to, yeah this is my little boys place, room. I just love it. I don't think I really have to words to say to express how excited I am to turn this house into a home. 

We also are using the leaves ever six months or so to measure the boys.

Aiden is just about 3 ft now, and you can see little Logan is just above 2 ft. Then what we need to do is get a maker and write their names, dates and how tall they are on the leaves so they can see how far they have come. 

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Janet W. said…
What a cute way to track height! Would love this for my grandsons!
AnnaZed said…
How charming is that! They have some nice decals of animals too.
Shay said…
Congratulations on your new home! The new monkey tree growth chart is way too cute :)
Abbi said…
boy you did a great job putting up all those leaves. It's very cute.
Sarah Hayes said…
i love this! Ive never seen a growth chart like this before. so cute to have in the childs room
Lindsey said…
Love this! I think the growing tree is super cute :)
carolann88fan said…
I love the idea of this, it makes it super easy to decorate a room and change it up often.
Cindy Brickley said…
I have checked this site out before and I just love all the great designs they have.
To cute. Thanks for the review. Im going to check then out.
trishden said…
Love that cute monkey tree. I think you made the right choice. Thanks for the review.
Mona said…
I have seen growth charts before but I don't remember one having a way to track the height. I love the idea of the leaves.

My daughter is growing like a weed and loves checking her height and weight. This would be great to monitor her growth.
Michele P. said…
that is super cute! And much better than marking my grandson's height on the side of the door lol.

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