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My kids love to use straws all the time when drinking. I hate buying them all the time and the waste they produce. I found the company Glass Dharma which makes glass straws.

I received 4 different glass straws to use and also 2 cleaning brushes. The straws I received included 1 decorative dot 7mm x 6.25", 1 Simple Elegance 12mm x 9", 1- Decorative Dot 9.5mm x 9", 1 Beautiful Bend 9.5mm x 9". Cleaning brushes are size 1/8" and 3/8"

The  straws come in a variety of sizes and diameters and are perfect for any size glass. I found that the smaller blue decorated dot straw was perfect size to place in our smaller kids cups. My son is not quite 3 so when he uses other straws he tends to bite on them. This causes them to get smashed or broken. With the glass straws he didn't have that problem.

The thicker diameter straws were  perfect to use with milkshakes or smoothies. I like the tall Simple Elegance straw the best since it fit in my tall cups and worked with thicker drinks. My kids seemed to like them all, but of course loved the bendy one. 
My husband was worried about using glass straws with kids. My kids can be rough and so I can understand the concern. Thankfully Glass Dharma has a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  They use borosilicate glass because it is the strongest glass available on the market. It is glass so it can still break, but they are built to be more durable and less likely to break. My kids have banged them on the table a bit with not even a scratch left on them. I am working on teaching my son to be careful and gentle with glass but I'm not worried that he will be able to break these.

These straws are suitable for both hot and cold drinks and are dishwasher safe. Since it is 110 degrees here in AZ, I have not tested out the straws effectiveness with hot drinks. I love how well they work with any cold drink that I've put in them.

They have been super easy to clean unlike some plastic straws we have had. I love that I can just rinse these and put them in the dishwasher. So far that has done the trick and I haven't needed the cleaning brushes. However, I love having the brushes in case I forget to rinse them out and need to clean the inside. I also like how with glass straws you can see inside it and really know how clean it is. With some plastic straws we have had you can't see all of the inside to know if you've really gotten it clean.

Another added bonus is that since these straws are glass you don't have to worry about plastic leaching into your food.  I also like that the straws are made in the USA.

Be sure to like Glass Dharma on facebook and twitter. Then come back in July to enter to win $25 to Glass Dharma as part of our For the home event.


Janet W. said…
These straws are great! I try to stay away from plastics as much as possible!
AnnaZed said…
I LOVE glass straws, they make such a difference. I can't stand plastic ones anymore. I have the special secret coffee ones:
Shay said…
The Decorative Dot is my favorite and this remind me I really need to order a few. I only have one from Glass Dharma and I can tell you one isn't enough. My kids love it too :)
Abbi said…
I hate the taste of plastic so I'd probably really love this. I bet it makes a milkshake taste even better
Sarah Hayes said…
I love GD! i have a couple straws and would even more.
Lindsey said…
These are super cute! My mother in law has an issue with plastic and will never put a straw in her mouth, wonder if this would "save" her haha.
carolann88fan said…
I have several Glass Darma straws and I love them, super easy to clean and keeps our environment clean :)
Cindy Brickley said…
I received a Glass Dharma straw to try and I just love it. I have to get some more of them.
I've never thought of using glass straws before. I was afraid they would break. But after reading your review I feel more at ease knowing what they are made of and that they are guaranteed.
trishden said…
I would have the same concern as your husbands, but it's good to know that they have a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Thanks for the review.
Mona said…
My daughter uses straws all the time so we go thru a LOT of them. Admittedly, the cost adds up and it's bad for the environment. I have heard about Dharma straws but was wary b/c of the glass.

After reading your review,I want to give them a try. I love that they are dishwasher safe and durable.
Michele P. said…
I think that this is a great idea and wonderful for the environment. Also, they have some great designs!
Whitney said…
Love these straws! We have two, and they're great for smoothies.

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