My weight loss journey

I remember the good old days when I was happy about my weight. But once you have kids lets face it our bodies are not quite the same. Based on this site, "Calculate Your Body Mass Index" I am right on the borderline of being over weight. (by like .5 points away not much) But even if I was not "overweight" I am still not happy with where I am. Lets face it I have a mommy belly! We all get it but how do we get back down to the smaller size again. Right now I am about to tell you my height and weight (they are both really importation to keep in mind). Your height makes a different in what is considered normal or overweight or underweight. So I am 5'7" and on a good day 156. Now before I had kids I was 125. So while I only gained 31 lbs across two kids, its still just that mommy belly I want to... tighten for lack of a better word. I am about to show you three picture I am not every happy with. So brace yourself.....

All three where taken June 1, 2013

Now while some of you might not think this is to bad, its about how I feel in my skin. And really I am not that confident. I know there are a lot of other moms out there who might feel the same way. So I want you to go with me through my journey on losing the weight. I want to help you feel like you can do it too. I also measured my mid-line I am: 33 1/2 ins right under the bra line, 38 1/2 ins across the belly bottom, and 40 ins in the hips. 
Right now I don't really have much of a plan on how to started. When we move (June 11th) there is a gym right by my house I am hoping to go to. I also have to be careful if I take anything because I am a nursing mom I don't want to take anything to hurt the baby, or stop me from producing milk. Wish me all the best of luck. I will post pictures/videos and more at least once a week so you can see if I am slacking off or not!

ps I am a dancer at heart and I wish to get back into it again!


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