Plus Size Activewear for Women




Plus Size Activewear for Women

Exercise clothing, or activewear, doesn’t have to be too tight and uncomfortable. For the plus size woman who needs a little more room, there are affordable and attractive sportswear options out there. You just have to know where to look. Lane Bryant, a well-known plus size clothing store, is certainly an option, but there are more stores that care quality plus size activewear. Here are some places to look for some popular workout gear in 2013.

  1. Active top

Finding active tops, such as tanks or tees, isn’t too difficult. Old Navy has quite a selection of activewear, including a variety of bottoms as well as tops. Their tees are particularly impressive, with wide straps and stretchy material that moves and breathes with the body during exercise. The material is 85% polyester with 15% spandex, just enough to allow for the perfect amount of stretch in the material. These tees are tag-free, too. I love tag free clothing! There is nothing to scratch your skin while you’re moving around. These tees start at $15.99, but you can save more on Old Navy’s activewear with a promo code to save 40% or even 50% off clearance items. It’s time to stock up on activewear, especially when you may even qualify for free shipping!

  1. Sport bras

Of course you can find plus size sports bras at Lane Bryant. Their bras, solid but breathable, provide extra support from keeping the plus-sized woman from bouncing around too much. These bras are sold in the $30 range. Old Navy, too, has plus size sports bras, made of a polyester and spandex mix. These sell from $15 to $20. That’s not a bad deal at all. My own little secret is the Genie Bra. Yes, this “As Seen on TV” product is something I can personally endorse. Since I ordered my bras in black, white, and beige, they are the only bra I wear. They are smooth under clothing, and I can even work out in them. Now, depending on your breast size, you might need the extra support that bras such as the ones sold at Lane Bryant offer, but for light exercise, the Genie Bra is comfortable and keeps me in place. I love it! The price is right, too, with Amazon selling two for just $19.99.
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  1. Yoga pants

Lane Bryant has an excellent choice of yoga pants. Made of cotton and spandex, these pants move with you as you work out. Most start at just under $40. These pants fit so nicely that they can actually be worn to the work place! I know several women who do just that. Sounds tempting, huh? Yoga pants are a must, in my opinion, due to their comfort and versatility. They don’t have to be limited to just the workout. While you’re shopping Lane Bryant, check out their different lengths of leggings, shorts, and skorts. I love skorts! They’re comfortable and fun, while adding a touch of femininity. Lane Bryant offers an amazing $25 off a $50 order. Click here to see all the deals with Lane Bryant coupons and promo codes.

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  1. Capris

Target is another place to look for sportswear. They have a particularly varied selection of workout pants, including capris and gauchos. These are made of a comfortable stretchy jersey material of cotton and spandex. At only $17.99 and free shipping for orders over $50, these are a great place to stock up on Capris and other activewear pants.

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Stock up on plus size activewear at Lane Bryant and other stores. Now is a great time with online coupons and free shipping on many items. 2013 may be your year to get in shape. Start now with affordable and attractive activewear!


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