School Zone app: I like to paint

My daughter is out of school for the summer. I'm trying to keep her busy with activities she will enjoy and that won't get boring. Both my daughter (age 5) and my son (age almost 3) love my iPad. In fact my son is always saying, "give it (iPad), me mommy." So I was pleased when school zone offered me the app I like to paint to use with my kids.

The app allows kids to paint by letter, number, shape, or however they want.  It is easy to erase your picture and start over too. Just push the spray bottle to spritz your painting clean.

It is easy to pick how you want to color. If you choose by letter then letters appear on your picture. Corresponding  letters are then placed on the color palette. You pick the letter off the palette and place it on the matching letters in the picture. When you pick the letter of the palette the name of the letter is said aloud. This reinforces letter names.  If you pick an incorrect letter than it will tell you "almost" or "try again". When you complete the picture you see sparkles and hear "You are an amazing artist!"The same thing happens when you pick numbers or shapes.

If you are doing free coloring, the color chosen is said when you pick it. This helps to teach the different shades of color such as hot pink, and light and darker shades of color. There are 24 different colors to choose from. I love this feature because it allows my young son to realize that there are a variety of colors each with varying shades. I love how the app reinforces the color by naming it when they pick it. This allows my son to both see the color and hear it. Since multiple senses are used he is able to retain the information better.

There are a variety of pictures you can choose from. Choose from mammals, nature, favorite foods, fun characters, and things that go. Each category offers 16 different pictures. I love that my kids don't have to color  the same picture over and over again. They really have some choice in what they are coloring. They love the choice too!

My son had a hard time painting the tiny spots on the ice cream cone. However, I discovered that you can zoom in to make the spots not so small. I'm sure once I show him how to zoom in then he'll be able to paint that part too.

My kids also use their imagination with this app. We have ate numerous pretend ice cream cones and grapes. My daughter also loves to pretend she is the character she colored or to make the painting a rainbow of colors. We can then talk and play together with this app.

Things I love about this app:
Reinforces colors, numbers, and shapes
Teaches matching skills
Variety of colors available to choose.
Variety of pictures
Encourages imaginative play

School Zone also has a variety of educational products such as workbooks, software, flash cards, books, and activities to keep preschoolers-6th graders learning. These would be excellent products to keep kids from losing knowledge over their summer breaks.

Be sure to enter here for your chance to win your own copy of I like to paint. School Zone is offering 5 lucky readers a chance to win this awesome app. 


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