See's Candy

Are you still thinking of what to get for Father's Day? Look no further. Go for See's Candy.

I have grown up with See's candy since I was a child. I have memories of finding see's boxes around my grandma's house and going to get a piece. Only to discover that she'd put something else in the box.  See's candy has been given numerous times by my family as Christmas presents, or for other special occasions.

Some of my favorites include:

Milk Molasses Chips
The milk molasses chips are crisp and crunchy. They have real molasses on the inside and are covered with milk chocolate on the outside. This has been one of my favorites since I was a child. 
Coconut Bon Bon:
This is one that I love to pick when I visit the stores. This is not available online so you have to visit a store if you'd like this flavor. It has a creamy soft center with flake coconut and dipped in icing. Delicious.
Milk Cocoanut:
Another one with a soft center of flake coconut this time covered in smooth milk chocolate.
 Other items that I love from see's include their fudge, and milk peppermints. They also have chocolate and butterscotch lollypops that are delicious.

I always have a hard time deciding which of their many flavors I'd like to get. My parents love to get the truffles. 

You can visit a local store or purchase online. If you purchase online shipping is quick and product arrives in ice packs during the summer months.

See's candies are made with quality ingredients and they even offer sugar-free varieties. They offer excellent customer service too. I especially love that I can sample a piece when I purchase See's candies in the local stores.

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