For The Home Sponsor... Mohawk Rug

This review came as a great surprise for me. When I email them Mohawk I really did not think I had the blogging numbers I needed to get a rug. But here she lie in the middle of my living room floor! If you don't know by now, yes we bought our first home and moved in. However we have not gotten the carpets cleaned yet. They really are not bad and they did not have pets. But we are still going to get it clean in the next month or two. So getting a nice big rug to cover most of the living room was a great idea. At first we where really thinking of putting it in our bedroom, you know make it a little more romantic. But then I thought about how Logan would be crawling soon and I wanted him to be on something a little softer. And good think too because he started to crawl about two weeks ago.

Mohawk makes a ton of great area rugs that are not just for the living room. They have some really good ones for your pouch/deck, ones for the kitchen, as a welcome mates. We picked this one out because I knew it would look good in any room. That and when and if we get new couches it is a nurturer color so it will match just about any couch. I pick out the Mohawk Paragon Scatter Rug, sold at Walmart.

Not only is this Mohawk rug soft but it is also really easy to vacuum. I have this one red rug up in the kids play room, I think I pull my back out every time I try to vacuum it. I would really like to say a big thank you to Mohawk for making this house more of a home for us. If you would like to buy one just find out where they sell them near you. Just click here.


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