Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions, giveaway

By: Blythe Lipman

Kids are fun, they make you laugh, they make you cry and then they make you want to run and hide. I thought being a mom I would know how to do everything, that it would just come to me. Well the first year was not to bad then then Aiden hit 2 and, I'm lost I am so lost. Each child is different and each child act a different way. I wish I had known about this book sooner. Anything to get a little helping hand would have been wonderful. Now Aiden is still young, and Logan is still a baby so now is a great time to read this. Blythe Lipman is on a mission to help parents everywhere, she is offering tons of practical tips with a bit of humor. Because we all need a good laugh!
This book covers some of the basic thing you are going to deal with in the toddler years such as:
• The secrets to sleeping—transition from crib to bed, take naps, tame tantrums, vanquish night terrors and create nightly routines
• The art of potty training—age discussion, types of potties, fears, underwear, charts and more
• Time out—play well with others, including siblings and preschool chums
• Get that out of your mouth!—from binkys to blankies to thumb sucking
• Have fun—playtime, travel with toddlers and enjoy these precious years

Why not read it it can't hurt! How about winning a book? Or you would buy the book for you or a friend just head over to

An Infant Care Specialist, BLYTHE LIPMAN, CDA, has worked with babies for over twenty years. She began her career at Boston University's Neonatal Care Unit. Blythe has helped countless new, sleep-deprived parents with workshops, in-home visits, invaluable tips, and sound advice. Her work with parents, preschools, hospitals, and caregivers throughout North America earned her a reputation as one of the top infant care experts of today. She and her family live in Scottsdale, AZ.

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