Magnus Pater, a fun shirt for dad and baby

Lets face it we all know that babies love mirrors, tags and things that make noise. And we also know that babies more often then not are mommies boys/girls. So how do we get them to interact with their dads, grandpas, and uncles more? Well Magnus Pater has come up with a great idea, its called "The Crinkle Shirt"

"The Crinkle Shirt" is a shirt for men that helps to provide a blond between baby and man. How does it do this you might ask. Well first all all this is Ryan in his shirt. It looks normal right? Nothing wrong with it just a nice shirt. Well what you don't see that your baby will is the fun things that the pockets do!

If for all the left pocket crinkles when you play with it. It also has some soft bums under for baby to feel. However Ryan can still move around with out it making any crinkling sound. In other words it only works when you play with it!

On the other side (the right) under that pocket is a mirror. What baby doesn't like to look at themselves. Also a great way to play pick a boo!

I love this shirt because it is a great way to keep the baby busy while you are at church, on an air plane or just sitting around the house. It also keeps baby's seances up with touch from the soft textured fabric, the crinkle of the fabric, and the mirror for looks. The Crinkle Shirt makes a great gift for any new dads, or any guy with a baby in their lives. Give this to grandpa for Christmas, or even the babies uncle. Here is a little video of Ryan and Logan playing with the shirt.


Ashley said…
Very cute shirt!
Tomi Clark said…
Besides being fashionable I love that the shirt allows for play time with baby! CUTE!!!
Beeb Ashcroft said…
Aww, what a cute family you have! This is such a neat idea for a shirt.
Ree said…
Great baby and daddy pictures and Fun idea for a shirt!
Show Me Mama said…
Oh, I love the shirt. Very nice and what a CUTE picture. Thanks for sharing.

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