Mending Life Together, Dog blanket lovey review

Most kids have that one thing they can't live without. For some it is a blanket, others a teddy bear. Logan now have a favorite thanks to Mending Life Together. Mending Life Together is a great Etsy page made by a young woman of only 14! Her ability to sow is just plane amazing. I wish I was that good! So I got Logan one of her Dog Critter Blanket, it really is a great mix of a lovey and a blanket.

When we first got this really cute bog lovey I wanted Logan to sleep with it and have it near him all the time. That way he will learn that he is safe with it. I have heard and learned that when you are introducing something like this to kids you really need to take your time. (After all it took Aiden almost 2 years to fall in love with his blanket, and now he will not sleep without it). But Logan took to it at once.

He just loved it. I am not sure if it was because it was a dog, a blanket or because he could chew on it! But on way or the other he loves it. I have no clue how she did it but it really looks great. The sowing is nice and tight, so you know it is not going to come apart. Mending Life Together has a ton of other fun things she makes too. Like ties, tuts, blankets, blankets with tags, bags, stuff animals and the list just goes on. You really need to head over to her site and check it out.

I wanted to add this little video of Logan playing with his lovey. Don't mind his chunyness. I want to say thank you again to Mending Life Together for letting use review this really cute lovey. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for the review. The whole time I was reading I was smiling ear to ear. I hope everyone has the chance to come and checkout my shop, if it helps I have a 20% off coupon for anyone who wants it. Just simply use MLT20 at checkout.

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