my relationship with food

OK I know I have been bad about posting my weight loss stuff on here. But I found out some good info that might just help you. I was listening to the radio a few weeks back and they where talking about their relationship with food. I had to laugh at first when I heard this. I was thinking I don't have a relationship with food, I just eat when I am hungry and don't when I'm not. After this last week I learned that was a big fat lie! I am a stressed and a board eater. I found this out in two ways. First was when we first moved in and I did not want to unpack anymore but I wanted something to do. So I started to eat, and eat, and eat. I did not even know it until I went to Elitch Gardens and did not eat almost all day, because I was doing something! Once I found that out I was about to limit what I eat when I am board. Most of the time now I just pick up a good old cup of water. Or I try to snack on things that are not junk!

The other one is a stress eater. This I found out when my husband was at a job interview and there was some really bad storms going on. So bad that the news was saying there where 5 tornado warnings going on! Now keep in mind I was eating a bowl of salad but I think I inhaled that down in less then a minute and wanted more! Not just because it was good but because I was so worried! Now that I know that I can work on finding other things to do when I am board or stressed.


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