TTC? Try FairHaven Health OvaCue and Vaginal Sensor

Lots of women (including myself) don't always know when they have ovulated. Some (including myself) don't always know how to track everything ether. And for some women who are trying to get pregnant, this can become a big issue. If only there was an easy way to track it all. Well thanks to FairHaven Health there is. If you don't know much about FairHaven Health yet you should. They specialize in products to help men and women conceive, stay healthy during pregnancy and also after you give birth. But lets keep talking about how they can help you track when you ovulate.

This is called a Ovacue Fertility Monitor. Don't worry it really is not that hard to use. In fact it is quiet easy to use. Best part is, there is no peeing on a stick involved, its just saliva. (Or you could also get the vaginal sensor too.) Just place the sensor on your tongue for 5 seconds the Ovacue will record your fertility days on the screen. 

"OvaCue works by measuring changes to electrolyte levels in your saliva that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. This method of predicting ovulation is over 98% accurate. It is the only fertility monitor that uses this saliva-based technology and it requires no additional purchases."

When you get this there is also free access  to where you can store, chart and print off your reading. This is really a great way to look at how your months are and see how your body works. If you have irregular cycles FairHaven Health recommend you try the Vaginal Sensor along with the OvaVue Fertility oral sensor  This way you can get the best results. 

Key BenefitsOvaCueUrine-based MonitorsOV WatchLH Urine Test (OPKs)Basal Body Temp (BBT)
Advance Notice of Ovulation5-7 days1-5 days 11-4 days0-24 hoursNone
Provides Complete Fertility Window 2YesNoNoNoNo
Accuracy Level98%73% 166%94% 374%
Confirms OvulationYes4NoNoNoYes

If you are having any problems getting pregnant or just really want to learn more about your cycles before you start trying, you should really look into getting a Ovacue Fertility Monitor. Give yourself the best chance you can get. 


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