You’ve got to give bingo a try, guest post

You’ve got to give bingo a try
If you’ve never tried out online bingo and think it wouldn’t interest you – think again. I had never thought to try it until my 20-something year-old niece and I were on a long train journey together and, like all young people seem to these days, she was continually busy tapping away into her cell phone.
After a while, I politely enquired as to what she was doing and was amazed when she told me she was playing bingo! So she showed me what to do and before you now it, I was hooked. I downloaded the mobile bingo app from my niece’s chosen provider onto my own phone, deposited a few dollars and got a few dollars more straight off the bat as a welcome bonus and have been busily playing away ever since for huge stakes; like a cent per game!
Of course, the money isn’t the issue here; what I’ve found is that by concentrating on playing bingo on my cell, I “zone out” completely for a while and this is the main benefit for me. I know there are lots of other games you can play on your mobile, but most of them require quite a bit of thought and concentration and the last thing I need in my life is any more mental or physical effort; I’m quite busy enough on that score. What I find is that by playing mindlessly for an hour or so, it’s like a forced relaxation / meditation – and it’s particularly great for journeys you need to take alone, or when you’re waiting around somewhere  / picking the kids up from school etc.

But don’t take my word for it; try it for yourself and see if you get the same feeling of calm that comes from focusing all your attention on something kind of mindless for a while – without worrying about all the serious details of life. You may find it as mentally refreshing as I do.


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