Bad vs Good Lessons: What lessons kids learn fast

Bad vs Good Lessons: What lessons kids learn fast
The home is the first classroom to your child. No matter, whether it is the house, an orphanage, the market-square or the streets- where the child is brought up that is his home. Parents are the first teachers and role models of their child. They are influential for shaping up the child’s behavior as well as their children’s reactions and attitudes. Children learn the behaviors from the role models around them. Parenting is one of the challenging tasks in the world. It requires serious practice and sacrifices to be a good parent. Children learn fast what their parents do than what they say. Children are like raw earth and parents mold them into good human beings. It is up to you to impart good values to your child.

Teach positive values
Children are known to watch and follow the actions of their parents. So it would not be fair if you teach your son/daughter to be honest and get caught by the child when you did something wrong. By such behavior you would be delivering the message that it is safe to lie sometimes. At the same time, there are parents who are harsh to their children but don’t want their children to misbehave. You will have no excuse for why you have the right to behave in such a way while your child can’t.  It is therefore important to set a good example for your child to raise him/her to be a good citizen. Encourage them to learn positive values like honesty, kindness, discipline, respect, politeness and forgiveness.
Respect your children
If you respect your child and others, your child would imitate you by respecting you and treating you well. Your children watch the way you treat your parents or others. If you misbehave with your parents, your children may also do the same. When you ditch your aged parents, one fine day your children may also treat you the same way. Children can quickly grasp the toxic behavior of their parents. For instance, if you behave harshly with your spouse, you would be teaching your child that it is not bad to be harsh towards his/her future spouse. So mind that your children will be watching your actions and imitate them as they grow up.
Establish an open communication
No matter how busy you are, you must spend quality time with your children. Allow them to speak and understand their feelings. Make them feel comfortable in communicating with you. Appreciate them when they have achieved something. Just like positive traits children also imitate the negative behaviors of their parents. So whenever you commit blunders, accept them and apologize. When your child makes a mistake, don’t behave harshly with them. Help them to understand the mistake in a polite way. Instead of punishing them for their act teach them to say sorry. Let the child learn that mistakes are made by everyone but it is important to be honest and apologize.
Dealing with frustrations
A child who silently watches household aggression will tend to develop aggressive behavior. Parents should teach their children about how to handle frustrations. They can do this by setting up themselves as good examples. When a parent gets frustrated they may leave the place and go out for five minutes. This will cool down their temper. Thus the children will also learn to leave the place for a few minutes when he becomes frustrated. When a child‘s parent deals with their anger in a rude manner then their children will also behave rudely while dealing with frustration.
Hence it is important to be a good model to the child by teaching him/her the positive values. Children not only imitate their parents but also follow the actions of those around them. So be careful about those in your child’s circle.
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