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Carson Dellosa is an amazing company that offers educational products for teachers and parents. I was able to review several items for my 1st grade daughter, and 3 year old son.
Thinking Kids' Math Easy Grip Pegs & Pegboard Manipulative
Building a Tower with the pegs
Using the Pegs to measure how tall he was.
This set comes with 30 pegs. 5 of each color- red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple. Plus one foam pegboard to put the pegs in. This set is designed for ages 4-11. This toy was well liked by a 2 year old I babysit, my 3 year old, and his 5 1/2 year old sister.

I loved that I could work on fine motor skills, hand- eye coordination, and colors with the younger ones. Other skills include visual perception, position in space, form consistency, measuring, etc. The options are endless.  My daughter and I created patterns with the pegs. My son liked to stack them taller and taller.  There are many math concepts that can be taught using these pegs. My kids didn't even realize they were learning because they were having so much fun.

Basic Skills for Early Learning Set 3 file Folder Games to Go
Fish Patterns
This set comes with 6 different file folder games plus a resealable storage tote. In order to prepare the games you do need to cut them apart first. I wish they would have come perforated so that I could just pop them out and not have to worry about cutting them straight. To make them more durable you will want to take them to be laminated.  

The set is designed for ages 4-6. So it is a little bit above my 3 year old's abilities. That said, he still enjoyed doing them. For example with the fish pattern one he loved to look at the different colored fish. Instead of showing him all 6 fish and having him tell me which color game next, I simplified it. I held just the blue and red fish. I then repeated the pattern several times while pointing to the fish on the file folder. Then I asked him which fish came next. If he got it right I praised him. If he said the wrong answer, I simply pointed to the next fish in the pattern and asked what color it was. Then I gave him the fish and had him place it on.

Skills covered include, counting, sorting/classifying objects, patterns, and shapes.
I love that the game pieces are color coded so it is easy to clean up and organize the games when you are done. The tote is nice to have for storage and makes it super easy to take these games with you wherever you go.

Thinking Mats Grade 1 Math
Super Scoop Addition
Creating her own addition problem
These mats are designed to work with Common Core standards for 1st grade math. The set includes 15 write on/wipe away mats each with coordinating game cards. The pieces come perforated and easy to assemble. They are also color coordinated for easy organization and clean up. On each game it shows the title and math standard along the top. This makes it easy for students to get the specific game they are looking for. They come in a box for storage.

I did notice that my dry erase markers didn't come completely off of the game. They left a bit of marker color behind. I'm not sure if that because of my markers or the game board. It however, was not that much and you could still easily play the game.

With the Super Scoops game, you add ice cream scoops to each cone. You choose the number of scoops each time and thus add variety. This particular game was working on addition using 3 numbers. This is a skill my daughter had not done previously, but had no problem doing when using this game.

The set also comes with a 16 page resource guide which allows students to record their work. This would allow for a teacher to see what problems the students created.

The set includes addition, subtraction, number sense, and a variety of other 1st grade math activities.

Wow! Big Animals Reader and Amazing! Structures Reader

Emarose with her Nonfiction Books
Reading is such a vital part of learning. Most kids love Fiction books. However, Nonfiction reading is also important. I was sent 2 Nonfiction books that are great for beginning readers. The Wow! Big Animals readers is at a Level 1 and has several full color illustrations along with informational content that is interesting to my daughter. The book provides facts about several animals such as how tall they are, how much they weigh, etc. The animals are compared to 2 story houses, etc. My daughter was easily able to relate and realize how amazing it was that Giraffes are taller than our house.  Since it is a Level 1 my daughter could read a lot of the book by herself. The main thing she needed help with where the names of the animals. The second book we received was a Level 2 reader. This meant she needed my help reading the book. This book covered different awe inspiring man made creations. One of which was the Empire State Building. My daughter enjoyed looking at the pictures and learning about the different structures. Both books were interesting to my daughter and she wanted to look at them over and over.

My kids loved all of the products that we received from Carson Dellosa. They have items for ages 1-18. Items for teachers as well as parents. No matter what you choose, Carson Dellosa is sure to please.  For your chance to win any of the products mentioned above please enter the Back to school giveaway.


Hailie Jordan said…
I would get the pegs and board for my little one. He loves building things and these look to be a perfect size for little hands.
Robin Wilson said…
I think that the Pegs and Board would be awesome for my great-niece to help her with her motor skills!
Crystal Rose said…
I would pick the Thinking Kids’® Math Easy Grip Pegs & Pegboard Manipulative.

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