Eco Ditty

Emarose takes her lunch to school everyday. Both of my kids also take snacks with them when we go places. So I was happy to review a snack ditty from Ecoditty.

 Are you wondering what a snack ditty is? It is a reusable cotton snack bag.  Ecoditty has a variety of snack and sandwich sized bags for you to choose from including some solid colors, a variety of prints, and color your own.

I love that you can choose to buy a turtle, earth, or blank bag and then color them in. I know many kids and even adults enjoy coloring and so this was perfect for my 5 year old daughter. I chose the turtle bag for my daughter since she likes animals.

When I showed her the bag she was excited that she got to color it. It came with 3 markers. She received a green, pink, and purple color. The green marker looked like a light green color when looking at the marker, but was actually darker almost a turquoise color on the bag. The purple and pink marker colors looked the same on the bag as they did on the marker lid.  I do wish that there was a way to choose the marker colors you receive though. She would have loved to color the fish on the bag orange, but instead had to settle for pink fish. The markers are non-toxic, permanent and fabric safe.

Some features of the bag include:
  • 100% Organic Cotton fabrics
  • Water-based screen printing
  • Made in Colorado
  • Wash by hand, machine or dishwasher
  • Reuse 100’s of times - save money and reduce plastic bag waste
  • No synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food
  • Measures 6 x 4 inches with hook & loop closure and un-dyed organic cotton liner
  • each bag contains 3 non-toxic permanent fabric markers (colors vary)
 While this is a snack size bag, I could still fit a basic PB sandwich inside it. It is also great for filling with goldfish, cereal, crackers, etc.

I like how easy these are to clean too.My daughter loves her bag especially because she was part of creating it.

Be sure to enter our back to school giveaway for your chance to win the color your own turtle snack bag.


Robin Wilson said…
I think that these would help make a child stop and think about the the three Rs. I love the idea of coloring your own snack bags!
Hailie Jordan said…
I love this. There are a lot of cute snack pack designs out there but this is the first time I have seen a color your own! Too awesome!
Crystal Rose said…
I think this is a great idea. It lets kids personalize their own stuff.

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