Fun Bites Triangle

Last year I reviewed the Funbites cube and heart cutters. So when I heard that they had a new design out I was excited to try it.

My daughter just started 1st grade today. She has again decided to bring her lunch. I love that with these cutters I can add variety to her lunchbox.

I could make the above design with her sandwich by simply using two different kinds of bread. I could use the cutter to cut shapes out of bread, ham/turkey, cheese, and she could then build her own sandwich at school.
For at home this would be cute to do.  I like to try and make mealtime fun and offer the foods in a variety of kid friendly ways. Emarose can be a picky eater, but is more likely to try something when it is in small bite sized pieces. These cutters are perfect as they provide bite sized pieces of food in cute, kid friendly shapes.

I have had issues with peanut butter sticking to the sandwich cutter. I think this happens when I have super soft bread or when I put on a lot of peanut butter. If the bread is thick and I don't put on too much Peanut Butter it usually works fine.

The cutters are simple to use. Just place curved cutting blade onto the item (cheese, fruit, bread, meat, etc.) that you want sliced. Rock it back and forth a few times. Then place popper piece on top and push through.

Another thing I love about the cutter is that it is BPA free and top shelf dishwasher safe. So once I'm done, I just load it in the dishwasher. It is simple and Easy to use. Even my 3 year old can do it with minimal assistance.

Which funbites cutter do you like best? What would you like them to come out with in the future?

Be sure to enter the back to school giveaway for your chance to win the triangle cutter. Funbites has also offered our readers 20% off their purchase. Just enter code Mummy at checkout.


desiree reilly said…
this i seen on the net and then they would be great for school to carry treats
Robin Wilson said…
I just love the Square cutter! I could see using that not only for lunches, but for cutting cubes of cheese and fruit for snack trays! Rectangles would be a great one.
Hailie Jordan said…
The triangle is my favourite, I would love to see some circles (:
Crystal Rose said…
I like the heart one the most. I'd like to see a holiday set next.

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