Knocked up to knocked out workout DVD review

Ok so I have been really really lazy with my working out as of late. I have been dealing with lots of stress, health problems and personal problems. And let's face it when you have a lot of stress on your plate the last thing you are thinking about is working out. With that being said I did get a great at home work out DVD that I started to.... Well watch but not really work out to yet. I know I know yell at me now! But I told myself that as of tomorrow morning no matter how I feel I will feel so much better if I work out just a little.

So the DVD I got is called "knocked-up" to "knocked-out". A really cute play on words, in other words its a DVD meant for moms who are trying to get pregnant, pregnant, and after baby comes. One thing that really garbed my eye when I first opened this is that it had a small booklet inside. And in this booklet it showed you work puts to do ever day and what one. However the only downside for me was that to work out your arms you needed dumbbells, and I don't have any!

However not all of every routine requires weights so that does help. As I am sure most of you other moms are having problems losing the baby wight. And having a good workout routine really does help to not only make you lose some weight but it also does help you feel better around. After two or three days of working out to the "After Baby" Knocked-up fitness I really feel like I have more energy and I can run around with my kids more.

Well I wrote that few bits a few days ago. I wanted to just jump on here before I posted this to tell you how I am doing. I am working out! I am getting off my butt and the best part is, Aiden is trying to do the work out with me. So not only am I getting me back into shape but I am a good influence on my son too. I am still on the beginner mode but I think by the end of the month I will be able to take it to the next step.

If you hate going to the gym, or even just can't you really should look into getting the "After Baby" Knocked-up fitness. Its a great way to get back into shape in the comfort of your own home. 


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