Rock N Learn Money and Making Change

My daughter has several Rock N Learn videos. She loves them all and so does her little brother. So when I thought about back to school, I wanted to work with Rock N Learn again.

My daughter is just starting 1st grade. She has been made great improvements in Reading so this time we decided to choose a Math video. We choose Money and Making Change. She picked this one because she likes Money. I picked it because I knew she doesn't know the names and values of all the different coins.

The video is about 58 min. and is designed for Grades 1 and up. The video says Grades 2 and up and correlates to Common Core Standards taught in schools. I love that the video uses engaging songs and activities to keep the child involved. There is plenty of practice time included with this video. Concepts include: learning about the coins and how they relate to each other, cash counting strategies, skip counting, how to write money, how to make change, etc.

The concepts in this video are a little more advanced then in the other Rock N Learn movies we own. This is expected as the other movies vary in age ranges from 2-6. This one is designed specifically for 6 and up. So I expected it to be at a higher level. My daughter loves watching this video too. She happily skip counts the money along with the DVD.

While the concepts are not meant for a 2 or 3 year old. My 3 year old son has chosen to watch this movie several times. Even the 2 year old girl that I babysit enjoys listening to the music and watching the "Money show."  This movie is great for everyone.

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Hailie Jordan said…
My little one would love Dance with the animals (:
Robin Wilson said…
They have the cutest videos! My great-niece would love the Nursery Rhymes video.
Crystal Rose said…
I like the physical science video.

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