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As I am sure you could tell I have been not doing anything the last two weeks. Here is what's been going on in my life. As you know we bought our first home almost 3 months ago. Well once we moved in Ryan quit his job. We both knew he needed to and he had a job just about lined up, when they told him they went with someone within the company. So he has been out of work for two months. This made me feel like I needed to get a job so we can catch up on the two months of late bills. For the most part Ryan make enough for me to be a stay at home mom and I am great full for that. With that being said I went to work at a day care. I chose a day care because first of all my kids would have to be watched by someone and with me having no real schooling I knew I would not make a lot no matter where I went. At least if I worked at a day care I would be able to get a discount for the kids. 

I found this one place that sounded great and I was going to try and become a lead teacher. See in CO you have to have taken ECE 101 and ECE 102 (early childhood education) to be a lead teacher. I have worked at other day cares in other states where they don't require that. Anyhow I was working 9 hour days with one hour lunch. For my boys it. Was still a 9 hour if not more day. Aiden did well, he was learning thing but Logan was my problem. He still will not sleep in his crib nor take a bottle so I had to go in and breast feed him every three hours. However some days I went in closer to ever 4-5 hours to feed. So I have been at work all day for the last two weeks. And yesterday I quit my job.

I know your wondering why I quit after just two weeks. Well I got my first pay check, guess how much it was.... $10, no, $5 no it was $0.00 in fact I OWEDTHEM MONEY!!! While I was getting 50% off child care it was still more then a paycheck in one week. Lets just say I would have to work two week just to make about $100. It was not worth it to me. Oh and because its a day care and kids are sick there, Logan my 8 month old ended up with pink eye Monday night and croup on Tuseday! Now I'm sick, Aiden has a small fever and his eye is starting to goop up. 

After really thinking a out thing I decided to just do my favorite job.... Being a stay at home mom and a blogger. So be ready for lots of post and giveaways going on next week.


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