A night out with the girls – staying in. Guest post

A night out with the girls – staying in

As we all know, when you have young children, you tend to spend a lot of evenings at home. Sometimes weeks can pass without having a get-together with your friends and those nights out with the girls you used to have when you were a singleton probably seem like a dim and distant memory!

Unless you’re really organised with babysitters – or have a partner who is willing to stay home on the nights that you want to go out, and all your girlfriends have the same childcare solutions as you and can coordinate for that to happen on the same night, it can be almost impossible to arrange a night with the usual gang of friends.

One way to get around this is to arrange an online bingo night with your closest friends. That way, none of you has to sort out childcare, or find a way of getting to a venue. All you have to do is get the kids in bed, sort out a snack that you can eat by your computer and you’re a free agent!

There are so many different bingo sites out there, you might want to try a few before you decide which one you like best.There are also helpful sites online to help you decide where to play online bingo, depending upon your individual tastes and preferences. Then, invite your friends to join the same site and pick an evening where the games look most interesting. Each site will have a game schedule so you could choose to join the big jackpot games or ones that suit your get-together time the best.

All you need to do to play bingo is to buy cards for the games and prices are really low. The software marks off the numbers leaving you and your friends to do what you like best when you have a night out – chatting and joking with each other and catching up on the latest news. The only difference is that you’re all in your own homes and the space for chatting is the bingo site chat room. And while you’re all enjoying each other’s company, you never know, one of you just might end up with the jackpot!


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