How to communication with teenagers for parenting, guest post

How to communication with teenagers for parenting

The teenage time is among the most difficult for parents to handle when they see their kids growing. The teenagers usually are seen developing different ideas, beliefs and values, which are different than the parents. This is basically the part and parcel of the normal process of going ahead close to independence. However, parents are seen going conscious and hence are seen struggling to control their independence, which they must allow their kids at various age groups and at different situations.  You will not find any prescription for this; every young man happens to be individual and requires different suggestions. The teenage communication is different than any other communication as it causes stress and conflict. The following are some of the ways of communicating with teenagers for parents. Let’s check them out:


Take some time

When your teenager child wants to talk to you he or she requires your complete and undivided attention. Hence make sure you turn off your laptop or keep aside your smart phone and give your child some moments for quality listening. You are supposed to look your child and not you’re PC or smart phone as no one really likes to talk to any busy person. Also, you aren’t so busy that you cannot squeeze some time or moments for your teenager children. If you are serious about communicating with your teenager son or daughter, you need to reorganize your preferences or else will not be able to fetch the result out of it.

Start with a clean slate

For any parent it is never recommended to get engaged with accidental parents, which means you are not supposed to go down over the path without any intention of going down simply to discover them struck in any dynamic, which may not work. Beating up yourself for a number of probabilities, which you have already carried out is simply a big waste of energy and time. Hence there is no going back; hence rather you need to offer yourself with a permission to simply wipe your slate clean and neat commit over making a wise shift in your forward direction.

Drop down the expectations

Whenever the expectations are not met, you can see people getting disappointed especially in the serious kind of relationships. The more tightly you hold your expectations the worst you can feel dejected when they are not met.  The fact is you have hardly any control over anyone’s behavior and this also applies to your kids as well. Since you find them close to you hence you have some uncompromising kind of expectations. However, by losing the whip of expectations can really help your teenager child to communicate with you properly as the doors between you two would then open and you can end up communicating in a much healthier manner.

Listen to them respectfully

In your communication, your teenager child should be able to feel emotionally very much comfortable while communicating. Teenagers are often keen to be heard rather than being lectured, so instead of making your experiences like a teachable moment you need to respectfully listen to them.

Final word

A teenage child and parent relationship is often a very complex kind of phenomenon, which you need to handle with care especially when you want to communicate with them. The above are some of the basic tips, which can help you in doing so.


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