Snack Taxi

Do you pack your kids lunches? Do you take snacks with you? If so, then Snack Taxi bags are for you.

 Snack Taxi bags are reusable cloth snack or sandwich bags. The bags are made out of cloth  so there is no worrying about BPA or other chemicals from the plastic getting onto your food. Another plus is that you can reuse these cloth bags. Reusing them saves the environment from 1000s of disposable plastic baggies. 

I received the Organic Cars sandwich bag which is 7.5"W x 6" H. This size is perfect for holding a sandwich, bagel, goldfish, or other snacks. The velcro closure makes it simple to secure. My 3 year old son loves his new car bag. In fact he is more likely to eat his food if I pack it in this bag. He loves the design and he loves being able to open and close the bag.

Snack Taxi also has matching snack sized bags which measure 6" W x 4.5" H. These are perfect to pack carrots, pretzels, goldfish, rice cakes, etc.

The bags are easy to care for. Simply machine wash and dry or rinse with water and air dry.

Snack taxi makes a variety of cute designs for  boys and girls, kids, and adults.  Some designs I like are pictured below. I'm sure you will find something you like at Snack Taxi.
Jigsaw Camo
Pile o' pumpkins

They also offer make your own taxi kits which include 4 snack sacks and 4 markers. This would be great for parties. My daughter loves drawing her own pictures and would be super happy to be able to use her own design for snacks.
Make your own primary colors

Overall I'm very pleased with Snack Taxi and the bags they offer. They are giving our readers a chance to win a snack size bag of their own. Be sure to like them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their promotions and products.

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Sandra Turner said…
Wow! What an unsafe feeling for tourists and locals. One should feel relatively safe in a Taxi. This must be hurting business for the honest drivers. I used to drive a taxi.

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