Bones to eat

Well I had fun making bones this morning, and they taste good too. I know you are thinking, Bones?!?! What are you a dog? NO NO no this is yummy bones that you can make with your kids too. It is easy and fun all you need is three things.
  • pretzles
  • marshmellows
  • white melting chocolate

Now take the pretzels and put a put a marshmallow on each side. Now you what what Aiden likes to call weights.

This is him lifting his weights. He is going to be big and strong one day. Then you melt your chocolate. The best way to do this is get a post of boiling water and put a glass bowl or in my case another pot over it so you can melt the chocolate without burning it. Then dip the "bones" into the chocolate. Then you can put it on ether wax paper or foil. Let it cool and there you go!


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