Dual Language Books

Do you speak another language? Do you want your children to learn more than one language? I know that learning multiple languages can be an advantage in the World. Learning languages at a young age can make it fun and easy.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to review the book Bosley Goes to the Beach (English-Spanish). The book is also available in other languages such as French, Italian, German, and Japanese. This allows you to pick the foreign language that you would like to learn.

The book I received is great for those learning Spanish, or native Spanish speakers who are learning English.  

I viewed the book in the iBooks app on my iPad, but it can also be a Kindle book. You can view it wherever you would any other kindle book. In iBooks you can adjust the font, background color, and how you view the image- book, scroll, full screen. This allows you to adjust the view to one that you will enjoy. 

A nice thing about the story is that it has the text in both English and Spanish. The story is about Bosley Going to the Beach and his interactions with the other animals. The story is cute and teaches a variety of words and phrases.

I really like how illustrations included words in both English and Spanish to reinforce the words learned in the story.

At the end of the story is a list with New words. This helps you to quickly see the meaning of a Spanish word.
I loved the book, but did wish it had sound. However, Kindle books just don't have sound at this time. I spoke with the Author, Tim, and he said he was hoping to come out with an App that would have sound and interactivity. I can't wait for that to come out.

Overall, this was an excellent book that my kids loved. Be sure to check out the language bear website for deals and more information about the books available. 


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