Eco Squeez Silcione Water Bottle

Do you have a new year's resolution to drink more water?  or perhaps you just need a new water bottle?
Smart Planet kindly sent me a Eco Squeeze silicone water bottle for review.
Love the blue color
Blue and Pink Silicone parts of the bottle
Screw on lid pieces
At first Smart Planet sent me the blue bottle. I loved the blue color. It was perfect or so I thought. I was ready to use it, but couldn't get the bottle to seal properly. It worked just fine when I had the lid off the bottle. As soon as I put it back on the bottle, I couldn't get it to seal.

I emailed them, and they kindly sent me out another bottle. This time in a lovely shade of pink. However, I again had trouble getting the lid to seal properly.

I felt that most likely it was not a defect. Instead I thought, perhaps it was user error. So I ended up bringing both bottles over to my parents house for a family get together.

My brother figured out my error. Basically, I didn't have the silicone lip of the bottle pulled up on the lid correctly. Once we figured that out, we were able to get the lid to seal properly.

Once it sealed properly, the bottle did not leak.

Features of the bottle include:
  • Eco friendly Silicone Water Bottle
  • Available in 4 fun colors - blue, pink, frost or green.
  • 100% recyclable product 
  • 100% BPA free
  • 22 fl. oz
  • Flip top drink through straw
I love that this product holds 22 oz. This is an excellent sized bottle to carry around during the day. I love blue and so the blue colored bottle is great. I love the shade of blue that it is. The pink bottle is a nice shade of pink for those that like pink.

I also love how this bottle is good for the environment. It has no BPA to worry about. It is also recyclable.  Plus by reusing this water bottle, you eliminate the need to use plastic disposable water bottles.

The bottle is made out of silicone and is fun to squeeze and use.  It is also easy to clean.

I also love the customer service that I received from Smart planet. They were understanding, considerate, and available to answer any questions that I had.
Smart planet also offers other eco friendly items such as hot hydration bottles, cool hydration bottles, meal kits, and home innovations.

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I would get the Wonder Glow Block Set and the Twisty Mobi toy. My daughter would love them!
I also like the Smart Planet Eco Glass coffee cups. Way better than the mug I've been using in the van... and spilling!
Do you have a new year's resolution to drink more water? or perhaps you just need a new water bottle? Plumbing Judge

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