Holiday Gift Guide: Bosley Builds A Treehouse

I love reading and so do my kids. I am also encouraging them to learn Spanish. Previously we reviewed Bosley Goes to the Beach. So when I had a chance to review another book from the same series I was pleased.

This time the book is called "Bosley Builds a Treehouse." You can find these books on the author's webpage or on amazon.

This book is perfect for language learners and is available in a variety of languages including: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, or Japanese. So it is perfect for whatever language you are trying to learn.

In the book, Bosley Bear works with his forest friends to build a tree house. The story encourages teamwork, success, and friendship. While at the same time teaches your child new spanish words and phrases.

The pictures are cute and eye catching. The text is easy to follow. The story is great to read during the day or at bedtime. It was a hit with my kids.
I read this book to my kids on the iPad but it is also available in print. The images are on the left hand side of the page followed by the text on the right hand side.

Dual language books are fun because it gives my children exposure to another language. They enjoy listening to me read the spanish side and enjoy learning new words.

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