Daddy and CO. Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Dad #giveaway

I never do know what I should get Ryan for Valentine's Day. Its like he is picky, he does not do watches, ties are ok, he does not eat a lot of sweets, etc so what should I get. Well he does like to walk around the house in pjs/boxes. So how about some nice boxers from Daddy & Company. Daddy & company is really just daddy scrubs but because they are doing so much more now they thought it would be best to change the name just a little. Now they have way more things then just scrubs.

Anyhow to get back to Ryan and his boxers. Daddy & CO. has thought of some great Valentine's Day Gift Idea for Dad such as pajamas and boxers or as they call it their daddy loungewear. I had Ryan pick out what one he would like and he got the red hot daddy boxers.

Yes that is a pregnant women looking all like that! I thought it was so funny because you always see the girl like that but I have never seen a pregnant one before! Anyhow he says he loves them. They fit him well and they also stretch a little unlike other boxers he has had.

Not a boxer fan or don't like this style then that is ok too. Here is a look at one of their pajamas.

Don't worry about about to get dad for Valentine's Day this year, just head over to Daddy & Company! Best part is right now they have some good deals going on. Like you have get 10% anything with coupon code: BLOG14 or you can get 20% the boxers right now. Or better yet you can just try to enter to win!

Don't wait pick out something for dad now!

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nancy john said…
Gorgeous and so cute! Love it! ;-)

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