Pictures On Gold, Build Your Own Locket review and giveaway

Who is excited for Valentine's day?! I used to be, well ok I am but its the time of the year where I put on about 10lbs from all the sweet chocolates I get. Don't get me wrong I love my sweet but I think this year I would like to have something that will last me more then just 5 minutes! Ever seance Aiden was born I have always wanted a locked. While Ryan did get me on once it seams hard to get pictures to fit into the heart right and then you have to try and cut it and put it in. Its more of a hassle then its worth. But with the help of Pictures On Gold they make all that hard work as easy as picking a picture. 

Lockets are special to me they are a way to have the people I love close to me and in my heart. That and my kids love to open it and see them in there. Every time Aiden opens it now he says something like this. "Look mommy, Logan, Daddy and I are all in your heart"

To Build Your Own Locket it is simple any easy. First pick out what type of locket you want, they have gold, sliver, white gold and so much more. Then once you pick it you need to pick what you want on the front, you can leave it blank, add a text, a clip art or monogram. 

 Ryan picked out the hear on from the Valentine's day clip art. The you get to pick what you want on the inside. While Ryan made this for me I did tell him that I wanted a picture of him and the boys. So on one side he did his favorite picture of the boy and the other was a favorite picture of him.

Then once you get the pictures lined up right you can pick out what you want to do with the back. Ryan added a text to mine.

Now this happy mama has got what she has always wanted, a locket. This would make a great gift for Valentine's day or even Mother's day. Pictures On Gold did a great job and I am so thankful for the chance to review their work. I hope that you all like it so much that you would want to get one too. Becasue now is your chance. We are hosting a giveaway for one of you luck readers.

Winner will get the prize after Valentine's day so keep that in mind!!!

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Pam Donica said…
I am totally excited about this! Thank you for having such a terrific giveaway! :)

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