freeze it hair, for that beach wave look

Its summer time.... wait spring? I can't tell here in Arizona where its 98! Feels like summer to me, and one thing I have found it great in the summer time.... beach hair! You know the I just put out of the water and let my hair sun dry and now its curly and cute. Yeah me ether becaue my hair does not do that. Well that it without the right kind of hair spray.

If you remember a while back I got some IT Hair Care stuff and I Love Love LOVED! Well they also have this great surf spray. It is meant to help give you that beach wave look in your hair. it looks like water but on like hair spray but without the sticky ness that hair spray can leave.

I have even used this not for the beach look but just beacuse my hair needed something to hold it together. As always surf spray had abyssinian oil to help your hair become smooth, shiny and soft. It also has a no cruch formula, so you can touch your hair without that I just put a ton of product fell in it.

I can tell just by using the IT hair prodcuts over time my hair has become stronger, softer and longer. It is also one of the onlye hair sprays taht keep my hair curled for more then an hour! So this summer if you are looking to get that cute beach wave look, then look into the IT Surf Spray.

Oh and as side not my sister who has really curly hair almost stole this from me becasue she liked it so much!


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