To homeschool or not to homeschool that is the question

I have been thinking long and hard about homeschooling. I, for one hated school as a kid. It seemed like I was always behind, and once I got what we were doing we moved on to the next thing. My husband on the other had was both homeschool and sent to public school. Needless to say he hated public school and got his GED at 16. With the way school (not all but most) are now, it feels like they teach to a test and that’s it. I know it is not the teacher’s fault they have to. And I have heard many of time the whole; oh your child with be anti-social, they will not know how to deal with everyday problems and peers. Well let me tell you something on that. My kids are very active in our church. We have 3 hour church every week, 2 hours of it he is in with kids his age. Then once a week there is a activity days for them, then there will be boys scouts and whatever sport or activity he wants to go to. So I am not worried about him not being “social”

There are two things I am worried about; one can I do it and two will he listen to me. I have been working with him on writing his letters and counting to 20…. He’s 3 mind you. But what about you? Have you thought about homeschooling your kids? Or are you homeschooling? And what have you found works for you?


I have a 15 year old stepdaughter that started homeschooling this year after being bullied for years in public schools. If it had been up to me she would have been homeschooled to begin with but she lived out of state with her mom for years. Her mom allowed her to get out of public school when she moved back to our town but insisted on having a standard curriculum so she is doing an online version of public school that is unfortunately not free in our state. I plan to homeschool my daughter. She is two so we haven't really delved into anything serious yet. I recommend joining a local homeschooling co-op where you can sign up for a weekly or monthly class and possibly field trips. Also find and follow homeschooling Facebook pages/groups so you can ask other parents who homeschool what their curriculum consists of and where to find free or low-cost resources. And research all that you can online and at your local library. There are many great blogs about homeschooling that you can follow as well. And don't stress about it, you CAN do it and he WILL listen to you!

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