Are you Ready? Game Show game

I can't believe another school year has come to an end. My daughter is no longer a 1st grader. Before I know it she will be starting 2nd grade. Did you know that many kids lose knowledge over the summer months? How do you prevent summer learning loss and keep your kids busy over the summer?  One thing I'm doing this year is playing Are you Ready for 2nd grade? Game Show with my daughter.

The game has 6 different sets of question cards. Allowing you to play 6 completely different games with your child.
Set includes:
  • 240 playing cards
  • game stand with a discard tray
  • play money
  • reward coupons
  • score tracker
 To play the game your child will pick either a green language card, blue math, or orange challenge card. The cards have different values $5,10, 20, or 100 depending on the difficulty of the question. If your child answers correctly you award him that amount of play money. If incorrect you put in the incorrect pile and move on.

You can then take the score sheet and get Online results. Just enter the missed cards online and you will get some free worksheets to build on those skills. They also recommend other products you could buy to help with the areas that need improvement.

If you want more reward coupons or score trackers you can print more off from the website.

My daughter has been asking me over and over when we can play this game again. She loves playing it. I love that she is practicing/reinforcing the skills that she learned in 1st grade. The cards cover a variety of topics such as measurement, 2 digit addition, word problems, reading comprehension, spelling, meaning of words, story telling, etc. Some of the questions do end up requiring my daughter to use a scratch piece of paper.

The game is set up with you as a game show host and your child as the contestant. It is not set up as a 2 player game. However we have taken turns on who chooses a card. Allowing it to be a 2 player game. This game could also work with teams.

I have a 4 year old son who wanted to play the game with me and my daughter. Obviously he is not yet ready for 2nd grade so the questions were too hard for him. We let him help hand my daughter her play money so that he could feel involved.  It would be nice to be able to have to purchase different levels of questions to accommodate different aged players.

My daughter loved earning play money and this money looks a lot like the real money. So it will help her to learn money too! When she earned money we would count the money that she had beginning with the biggest bill. She was practicing counting by 20's (a little hard for her still.), 10's,  and 5's.

I did think that the game was a little time consuming if you tried to answer all 40 questions. My daughter didn't care and was enjoying the game. However if we started the game late at night we had to limit how many questions we answered.

Overall I am very pleased with this game and my daughter loves to play it.
You can get $10 off any Are you Ready? Game show. Just enter code 9141 at checkout. Expires 7/31/14.


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