Discovery Kids 3 in 1 Artist Easel

My daughter (age 6) loves to draw. I knew that someday I'd want to get her an Easel. However, I wasn't sure where we would put a big one. So when I saw the Discovery Kids 3-in-1 tabletop easel I knew she would love it.

The wood easel comes with a 49 ft. paper roll, chalkboard, and a dry erase board. It also includes a dry eraser, grip clip & chalk. *Set does not include Dry Erase Markers so you'll need to invest in those separately*

I like how the easel sits nicely on top of my daughters other art supplies. My daughter likes having the option of leaving easel on top of art supplies, or moving it to the floor. This allows her to either draw standing up or sitting down.

She absolutely loves this art set.  In fact, she used this toy almost all day on Christmas, and has used countless times since. She has drawn many pictures using the included roll of paper. When her picture is finish, she can just cut it off the roll. This allows her to use as little or as much paper as she'd like.

Her 3 year old brother has also enjoyed using this set to draw.

It folds away easily for storage if needed.  (We haven't really used this feature since I found a nice place to store it on top of her other art supplies.)

I love the set, but it would be even better if one of the sides was magnetic. My kids enjoy using magnets and that would have given this set even more uses.

It really is a great art set. Perfect for drawing, painting, chalkboard, dry erase, etc. 


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