Smile Brilliant, teething whiting review and giveaway

I had family photos taken not too long ago. And while I might not have the clearest skin... I HATE MY TEETH! Not only are they not straight but like all teeth they yellow. I am not a coffee drinker and I don’t smoke, so that is not why my teeth are yellowing. But it happens to everyone. So I needed to do something and fast to help whiten my teeth. I could try and make an appointment with a dentist and pay somewhere like $100 or more. Or you could spend more like $40 and be able to do a few weeks worth of whitening with Smile Brilliant LEDaccelerator kit.

I have tried the whitening strips and I HATE them. First of all I don’t have straight teeth so they don’t really go on all that well. And because I don’t have straight teeth I always find that it bothers my gums. With smile brilliant it comes with a pen (or as I call it a paint brush) that has the whitening gel in it. This way I can paint each tooth, even if it is not straight. Then you put the mouth guard in, the LED lights and now you just sit and wait.

When I first opened the pen I had to turn the thing like 50 times just to get the stuff out, but don’t worry that is normal! With having two little ones at first I found it hard to find time to whiten my teeth without them wanting to play with the LED lights. So I found a good time for me… while they are in the bath. This way they can’t get out of the tub and it gives me 20 a day to whiten.

So where is what it looked like before and then after just a few days. 

Remember the more you do it the whiter it gets. So how you would like to try it out. 

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