Working out while you are pregnant

With my first two pregnancies I never worked out. Sure ok I wanted a little but nothing really. Well before I got pregnant this time I had been starting to workout. Nothing crazy because I was new but I went every day and walked/run and lift weights. I know that you can workout while you are pregnant but what can I do. So I thought I would let you know somethings you can do. When you are in your first trimester I have head different things as to wether you can work your abs or not. So for that if you are not sure just ask your doctor first. In fact make sure you asked your doctor before going ANY EXERCISES. With that being said here are somethings you can and can't do:

Arm stretching and chest stretches. Prenatal yoga. Light weigh lifting, Walking. 

Do abs work. Don't over lift weights. Don't start anything new.

Ok I know that is kind of a short list but really you can do a lot, if you have already done it and if you ask your doctor. So far I am 4 weeks and just did legs today at the gym. I did not over work them and I kept my weights light. Tomorrow I am going to do zumba. Remember to drink lots of water and make sure you are eating right. In the next few weeks I am going to refine my workout and post what I am doing. I think that would help you all more.


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