Big Hero 6

On Friday the movie Big Hero 6 came out in theaters. I was fortunate enough to be able to take my 2 kids to see this movie before it opened in theaters.

My son age 4 had never seen a movie in theaters before. This was his first movie. He was a bit wiggly and excited before the movie started.  He loved the 3d glasses.

Jerom waiting to watch Big Hero 6
Emarose waiting to watch Big Hero 6
Emarose and Jerom pictured with Baymax...sorry I couldn't get Jerom to hold still for a good picture.

Here is the movie trailer:
 The movie is about a prodigy boy named Hiro Hamada. The movie starts with Hiro using his robot in a robot fight. His older brother Tadashi takes Hiro to his college and shows Hiro around.Tadashi has built a robot healthcare nurse called Baymax. Baymax is a big white robot who is made to make people feel better.  Hiro ends up deciding he wants to attend the "Nerd School." Hiro develops a mini robot project to enter in an exhibition with hopes of being accepted into the college. After a series of unfortunate events which puts Hiro into danger. Hiro turns to Baymax and a group of friends. The group of friends is transformed into a band of high-tech heroes. The group is called "Big Hero 6."

My son was glued to the screen throughout the whole movie. He couldn't take his eyes off of it. In fact a few times he was so still and quiet that I thought he must have fallen asleep. He wasn't asleep at all. He was just so into the movie that he didn't move during the whole show. That is saying a lot since he was so wiggly before the show and he is an active 4 year old boy.

My 6 year old daughter didn't really want to go to the movies on the night we attended this movie. She is also not very into movies unless of course it is Frozen. She liked parts of this movie. However, she was the one wanting to be held, asking if the movie was almost over, or not liking certain parts.

I thought the movie was cute and really enjoyed the storyline.
Overall this is an excellent movie. Perhaps more geared to boys or those who like action and superheroes.  This movie is worth seeing in theaters.


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