Vtech 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller

I received the Vtech 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.
Bassinet mode

Stroller mode
High Chair mode
This stroller is designed for ages 12-36 months. I do not have a child in that age range, although I do have a niece in that range.
First I assembled this product. Assembly was easy, just snap the legs together and in place.
I loved how the stroller includes a fabric doll. The doll is soft and cute.
Another thing I love is how it combines 3 different doll items. This limits the amount of space that kids items take up. My daughter is almost 7 and still loves to play with dolls. She always wants to have a High Chair, a Doll stroller, and a bed. This combines that with the stroller, high chair, bassinet options. With a simple bush of a button and turn of the handle you can change from one item to the other. Simple enough that my kids 6 and 4 can do that. I think a younger child may need their parents to help them switch from one stage to the other.
The height of the stroller is designed for younger kids but that did not stop my almost 7 year old from enjoying this. She loved being able to push the doll around, pretend to feed her, and put her in the bassinet.
The stroller has sensors that recognize when it is being moved. It sings about letters, colors, places and animals. You can listen to classic nursery rhymes and familiar lullabies with it too. In high chair mode it plays baby care reminders and introduces nurturing concepts and healthy habits.
This is a perfect stroller for my niece who is 2. I think height wise it would be perfect for those learning how to walk. It is also still an excellent toy for my almost 7 year old daughter. So if your kid still enjoys playing with a baby doll this is the stroller for her. This stroller will also fit some of my daughters other baby dolls. The plastic is sturdy and not flimsy like some of my daughters previous strollers. The noises it makes are nice and so far haven't annoyed me like some kids toys can. Overall a great buy!


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