My Twins first Christmas book

One holiday tradition that I have with my kids is opening up a new Holiday book each night before Christmas. We currently don't have quite enough to do this without duplicates. So any chance I get to review a new holiday book the better. I was sent a copy of My Twins first Christmas for review purposes.

As with all the holiday books I wrapped them up and my kids opened one each night. When my daughter opened up this new book she was thrilled. She was excited because the book was new and she hadn't seen it before.

My son was also excited about this book because it had twins in it. There is a set of identical twin girls at his preschool so he was excited to see another set of twins in the book.

This is a book in a series of books about a girl name Paris and her adventures. This particular book teaches her twin sisters about Christmas activities around the world as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

The pictures are vibrant and go wonderfully with the story. The story is simple and my 7 year old can read the story. Both my kid loved to look at the pictures included in the story.

I liked how it mentions other holidays that may be different than what we celebrate. It was a good starting point for me to discuss our family traditions and how other families have different traditions. We could also discuss what the other holidays around the world are about.

We really enjoyed this book.


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