Simple Treasures soothing music review and giveaway

I listen to music all the time. I listen to a variety including country, rock and roll, alternative, and classical. Then I also listen to movie soundtracks and kid songs. Sometimes I want music that is great for relaxing and unwinding. Whether that is in a bubble bath with me time. Or quiet music to help my kids relax and go to sleep. I was excited to add Simple Treasures soothing music to my repertoire.
This cd is a compilation of melodic and uplifting songs. The songs are played on acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.

Good times to listen to this music include: bubble bath, yoga, massage, mediation, relaxation, and bedtime. Basically anytime when you want a soothing melody.

Titles on this disc include
  • Song for Sydney
  • Prairie Song
  • First Snowfall
  • Walking Oz
  • I Do
  • Healing Pool
  • An Eye Towards the Sea
  • Skating
  • Simple Treasures
  • Day's End
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Spring Green
The songs have a nice melody to them. They are enjoyable to listen too.
Enter below for your chance to win this wonderful cd.
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kathy dalton said…
I would love this cd. This has been one of those years full of stress and i need to just stop worrying about everything and de-stress.
Nancy said…
I like that this is a CD that all ages could enjoy.

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