A classic Disney movie is the movie Cinderella. It is a story of a girl who loses her parents and must live with her evil step mother and step sisters. She is forced to dress in rags and is basically a servant to the family. One day she meets her prince, gets married and lives happily ever after in a beautiful palace. 

This story is one that has been told many times in a variety of ways. So when I had the opportunity to go see a new version of Cinderella in theaters I was excited. I knew that it would be a show that my kids would enjoy.

Before the Cinderella movie started we were able to see a short Frozen clip called Frozen Fever. This clip is Else throwing Anna a birthday party. However Elsa ends up with a cold so things don't turn out as planned. Since my kids are obsessed with frozen they loved this little clip. I even was laughing at a few parts of the clip. Cute frozen fun for any fan.
Frozen Fever Olaf eating cake
After the frozen fun the Cinderella movie started.  The synopsis of the movie is as follows:
Ella is a young girl whose merchant father remarries after her mother dies. Ella is eager to support her father and welcomes the new stepmother and sisters into the family home. Ella's father unexpectedly passes away and Ella finds herself at the mercy of a cruel and jealous new family. The new family spitefully renames her Cinderella. 

One day Cinderella meets a dashing stranger Kit in the woods. Cinderella is unaware that Kit is really the prince and not just an apprentice at the palace. When Cinderella hears that the king has decided to invite the whole kingdom to a ball her hopes rise of once again seeing Kit. Unfortunately her stepmother forbids her from attending the ball and destroys Cinderella's dress. 
Cinderella and the Prince
Cinderella and her coach
Cinderella at the ball
I took my kids ages 7 and 4 to see this movie. My 7 year old daughter Emarose was asking me questions throughout the entire movie. I finally had to tell her to just watch and find out. She enjoyed it and wants me to get it as soon as it comes out on DVD. That says a lot since she won't sit still for most movies.

The 4 year old is a boy. He even enjoyed the movie. Especially when the prince has swords.

While this movie is good for the kids. I also found it entertaining. It wasn't too childish and I enjoyed the little plot twists that make this different from other versions of Cinderella. 

I strongly suggest that you go see Cinderella. The movie is playing in theaters now.


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