Lakeshore All in one craft tub

I have 2 kids ages 7 and 4. They are always looking for something to do. One thing that can keep them both busy is crafts. I was pleased to get a chance to review the All in one Craft tub from lakeshore.

The kit comes with an idea booklet that includes ideas of crafts that you can make using the kit. Some ideas include a butterfly mobile, friendship bracelets, puppets, and picture frame.

The kit includes:
glitter glue, glue, markers, foam beads, beads, craft hair, pom poms, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, construction paper, google eyes, scissors, crinkle cut scissors, and more. It is nice that this kit comes in its own storage container. This makes cleaning up all the supplies so much easier.

Since it comes in a tub we even brought the kit over to grandma's house one day. It was easy for the kids to just pull things out and start making their own crafts. My 7 year old daughter was helping my 4 year old son make pipe cleaner bracelets. I loved watching them use their own imaginations and ideas. Plus using  the craft tub gave them a needed break from electronics. Both kids were also excited to give the bracelets they made to their relatives. They seemed to enjoy sharing what they had made.
beginnings of a pipe cleaner bracelet

This kit is a perfect way to keep kids busy and having fun. Great for a rainy day, summer day, or just any day when boredom strikes.


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