Lakeshore Build It yourself woodworking kit

My 4 year old son likes tools and anything that involves using a hammer. He has enjoyed going to Home Depot or Lowe's for their build it projects. When I saw that Lakeshore offered a build it yourself woodworking kit, I knew he would love it.

The kit includes a lightweight hammer, nails, instructions for multiple projects and more. Comes in a 7 3/4" x 12" box. Over 80 pieces come in the kit.

The first project that my 4 year old decided to make was the train. My daughter made a bank. They have also made a name plate. Jerom next wants to make the airplane. 

The projects are fun and the kids enjoy doing them. They do require help and supervision but the kids have fun with them.

The wood box doesn't have a lid. I wish that it came with a lid because then I wouldn't have to worry about losing any pieces. Another downfall I see is that the kit only comes with enough pieces to make one of the item. So my daughter couldn't make a train or my son couldn't make a bank. So while the kit can be shared among siblings it might be best to get enough kits so that each child has their own. That would eliminate any fighting over who gets to make which project.

The kit really does include everything you need to make the items. The only thing you might want to buy extra is paint if you want to paint your projects. Overall this kit has been super fun for my kids.


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