Lakeshore Letters, Numbers, and Shapes Giant Stencil Box

My son is 4 and just learning how to write. He enjoys drawing and beginning to write his name. So when I had the chance to review a Letters, Numbers, and Shapes stencil box from lakeshore I was excited. I knew this would give him opportunities to use his fine motor skills and begin to write letters and numbers.

When we first received the stencils I even took some to work. I work with preschoolers on a daily basis. I took the heart shape since it was February at the time. Their is the big heart shaped one that comes in the shape section plus a heart shape one in the number section. The preschoolers all enjoyed using the stencils.

Before the first use we did have to punch out all the inside pieces. That part was easy and I decided to keep the insides. The little shapes, and pictures are fun for my kids to play with or use to practice counting.

My kids have created numerous pictures using these stencils. Another activity we did was use a paint brush with just water. We placed the stencils on the sidewalk and then just painted them with water. It was fun. The only problem was that some of the pictures didn't turn out clearly. My guess is from too much water on them. I found the stencils worked the best when using pencils or colored pencils as they fit the lines the best and thus make a clearer picture.

One activity my daughter enjoyed with the stencils was tracing a shape and then turning that shape into a picture. For example she could turn the circle into a balloon or sun and a diamond could be made into a kite.

Overall we are pleased with this stencil kit. I like how it comes in a box and is color coded into 4 sections: abc, shapes, simple words, and numbers.


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