Baby #3 and me

As you might have read in yesterdays post I had a baby. He is three months now and starting to CRAWL already! Ryan and I have decided due to how hard my labors have been we are done having babies. While I am a little sad because I really wanted a baby girl... this is Ryan's 5th boy! Lets face it he just can't make girls. So here it to hopping for a granddaughter one day.

Here we all are just a few weeks ago in our bronco shirts. We love and miss CO and hope to go back someday. Aiden is my oldest, he is 4 now and will be starting kindergarten this year! Logan is 2 and can talk up a storm.

I just had my 29th birthday and Ryan will be 35 this year. Do I feel old? Am I worried about turning 30 next year? NO WAY I am in fact kinda looking forward to it. Being a had meant the world to me. It has not been easy, there have been many days where I felt like I was going to rip my hair out. But it makes it all worth it when you little ones hug you and tell you how much they love you.

I would like to know if any of you are reading this can you please leave me a comment even to just say hi so I know. Thank you all and happy reading.


shirley said…
Hello, Love the pic!!!!
Three boys, wow- how do you do it? :)

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