Clarks Adoptions, the heart it took and the strength she has

I want to take a few minutes to talk about my sister in law. She has been the best friend I could every ask for. If I could do one thing for her it would be to help her have a baby. So that is what I am going to do. I want to tell you all about her and maybe just maybe we can help raise the money she need so she can become the best thing in the world... a Mom!
Here is a picture of her and her husband Ben. They have been married for over 6 years now.
Where to start, ok let us start with Ben. He is the only boy of a family of 6 girls! He is the wonderful patient man. He has helped watch my kids as well as his sisters kids. He has a great job that he has been at for sometime now. He has been a strong man in the storm as they have had to deal with over 5 miscarriages together and a few times they where twins. He as been a great rock for her.

Now then on to April.... what can I say about her!? Well to start with she always knows how to make me laugh. She has a great ability to make people happy. She is the Godmother to my boys, and has been there for all three births. My boys love her very much.

But let us get into the sad stuff now. April was married once before and had been trying for about 7 years (with her ex husband) to get pregnant with no luck. Or the times where she has gotten pregnant she has lost the babies very early. We found out about 4 years ago after she remarried the love of her life (Ben) that she has something called Factor 5. This is a blood clotting disorder. In other words she keeps getting blood cloths and that is why she keeps losing the babies. She also has PCOS (A hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.) Because she has factor 5, we learned that it is something that gets passes on from a parents. We then decited to get her mom tested as well as my husband (her brother) and our son. And found out that her mom has it as well as my husband and kids. She could have as well saved their lives. 

I still remember 3 years ago when she found out she was pregnant with twins. We knew at that point that she has factor 5 and that she would have to take heparin shots in there belly to keep the babies alive. However her new doctors office did not feel like this was needed... She lost the babies a week later. I remember her coming home (we lived with them at the time) that day and was told she lost them. My heart cries every time I think about it. She was broken, and hurt and cried like a mom who lost her child. I can only imagan the pain she has felt losing everyone of her pregnancies. Remember we only know about 6ish pregnancies she had. And with her being on clomid to help with the PCOS to get her pregnant.... a lot of her pregnancies where twins.

Here is a picture of Ben and April with two of my boys. April is 33 and has decided it is time to try a different way to have a family. She has always told me that it does not matter who births the child, she will love them as her own. I know they will because they love mine as their own. I had offered at one point to carry a child for her, but due to how hard my births are, the doctor said it would not be the best idea. So now they are trying to get some money together to adopt, or even foster to adopt. However it can be very very pricey to start.

I am asking you all to help share this story and if you can give anything even if it is a $1 it would be wonderful. Adoption is not cheap, it can cost up to $20,000! Go read her story from her point of view on Go Fund Me Clarks Adoption.


Natalie said…
What an incredible story!
That's touching !!!
Kathy J said…
We adopted both of our boys; one from birth and one at three weeks old. It's truly an amazing and life changing experience. One way we raised funds was by selling silicon bracelets and then having our supporters post pics of themselves on Instagram and on our Facebook page wearing them. It was fun! They had the phrase "Never Lose Hope" on them and were purple - the color of adoption awareness. I wish them the best of luck and hope their precious little one finds them soon. <3
Lindsey Gain said…
It's very sad how costly adoption can be. Especially when there are so many children waiting for forever homes and so many loving parents that wish to adopt. Wishing the best of luck!
chelsea clark said…
what a story! thank you for sharing.
Fizzgig said…
What a beautiful story! I struggle with infertility and my mom had 9 miscarriages herself! I think adoption is a beautiful and amazing calling, I'm praying for them and the incredible journey they're embarking on!
PrivatexEyex said…
what a beautiful story!
Tracy R said…
She really sounds like an incredible lady and her husband sounds wonderful too! I hope they are able to adopt soon, kids need parents like them!
Unknown said…
What a great story! Thanks for sharing.

- Judith
aquaedenpaige2 said…
wow is all I can say .
Lee Mckoen said…
What a amazing loving couple!
Elevia Monroe said…
Sweet story, thanks for sharing
Deborah Caudill said…
Please tell them not to give up hope. I was adopted when I was 6 weeks old by a wonderful family. My mom went on, after adopting 2 girls,to having a son. She thought she was deathly ill, but was pregnant. I know she has different issues, but things change. I tried to have a child, but due to several medical issues. I was told I would never give birth. I really wanted a blood child since I had nobody that looked like me and I had no blood relations. I know you can love someone unrelated just as much, but some adopted children who look so different from their family long to resemble their child. I eventually resigned myself to the fact that I just would never have a blood child and we were looking into other options when my mom said I looked pregnant and my son is 25 now. I had a difficult birth and could not have another child, but I was ok with that. Good luck to them. If I hear of anything, I will reach out.

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