Father's day with daddy n company

Father's day will be here sooner then you know it. June 21st. Are you a first time dad? A soon to be dad? Or have been a dad for awhile now? Whatever you are Daddy N Company has you covered. When Logan was born we got a I'm the Daddy shirt for Father's day. In fact we have a few things from Daddy N Company. We also have the daddy scrubs that he wore to all the babies births. People in the hospital got a real kick out of it. They have a ton of different shirts, pants, jackets, and even boxers to pick from.

Not really into apparel? That's ok they even have backpack. Ryan has used his backpack for lots of different reasons. Ok their backpack is really a diaper bag... you know because dads don't like carrying the girly diaper bags around. Ryan has used his at first for the gym. Yep that's right a gym bag. Then when he would travel a lot due to work... it because his travel bag.

Daddy N Company has a ton of great gift ideas for dad. Even gag gifts. Check out this really fun The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox! What ever you decide make sure you make it fast and get it in before fathers day.


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