5 minute workout with Sworkit app

I have been trying to go to the gym now that I have three kids. Lets face it my body is not where it used to be. But it is not just about losing the baby fat, its about becoming strong and having the stamina to keep up with my kids. So most of the time I end up doing a day or two of workouts on youtube and then I forget or get tired to just or not sure what they want me to do. Going to a Gym was not much of a choice for me. The days cares want you to call 48 ahead to make sure they have room for my little ones. I don't know about you but things for me change a lot over 48 hours. I want to workout now when I want to.

Sworkit is a great app for people who want to workout without going to the gym. You can pick a workout that is meant for first thing in the morning, or yoga, or ones where you kids can workout too. You can also set it for 3 minute workouts up to 60 minutes. I also have mine set on a timer to remind me everyday that I need to workout.

As you can see you can also pick what part of the body you want to workout that day. So to start I did a full body for about 10 minutes. Then the next day I worked on core and today I am going to work on lower body. I like Sworkit because it showers and tells you what workout you are about to do next. I hate it when people says do burpees but don't show me how to do it! I love to see things.

And because it is an app you can workout anywhere at any time. Now there really is no reason for me not to start working out and becoming strong. You can get the Sworkit for android, iphones and amazon. There is the light version or you can buy the app, it was 3.99 if I remember right.

Make sure you also keep up with SworkitApps on facebook for some great tips.


jjp said…
That is exactly what I need! Thank you for sharing!
Deborah Caudill said…
Thanks for your thorough review about SWORKIT. It sounds like anyone could fit in a workout to suit their schedule.

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