Herbal Body Wrap for slimming, toning and detox

As a mom of three you know I am trying to lose the extra.... belly love. Well I am so ready to lose it. I have not only been working out using my sworkit app and I can feel the burn. But I have also dedicated to try Herbal body wraps. I am sure many people of heard of other brands like this before, and in a nut shell they are about the same. However you could spend $100 for the name brand for 4 of them. Or you could spend less then $50 for 5 of them. 
Some people say they don't work and I have to ask if they did it right. There are a few things you should do while tying the Herbal body wraps. First take a hot shower to help open the pores, try to even lightly scrub where you want to use the wrap, however DO NOT USE SOAP. Then dry off and open your wrap and put it on. Oh make sure you have had TWO CUP OF WATER BEFORE.

The wrap smell Earthie but not bad. Once you have it on where you  want it to be use something to hold it into place. Some people have used saran wrap I used one of my cup up spanx. Once you have it on make sure you dink another cup of water. At this point you can leave it on for 45 minutes to make sure your skin does not react or up to 8 hours. I slept with mine on.

Caffeine - accelerates fat burning Seaweed Extract- diuretic/removes excess water from the body Jojoba - reduces water retention; enhances skin suppleness and elasticity Hyaluronic Acid - moisturizes skin; anti-aging Garcinia Cambogia - powerful fat burner Organic Zingiber Officinale (Ginger Root) - eliminates toxins, stimulates metabolism for fate burning Panax Ginseng - fights against free radicals, stimulates skin metabolism, increases blood flow to regenerate and tone, improves skin elasticity. Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract - anti-inflammatory; anti-aging; diminishes appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Palmitoyl Tripeptide - Boosts Collagen; Anti-Aging (improves skin texture) Emodin (Aloe Extract) - anti-inflammatory Polybutene Hydrolyzed Oat Protein - moisturizing Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (Witch Hazel) - skin tightener, moisturizer Cinnamon Oil - improves circulation that results in increased metabolic activity, removes blood impurities L-carnitine - accelerates fat burning.

When using the wrap make sure you take a before picture, then one the next morning and again 72 hours later. Now then during the next 72 hours make you dink drink drink lot of water. Avoid drinking coffees and sodas. Also avoid having extra carbs, that means sugars, breads, pasta and all around crap food for you. Now for me this last weekend it was hard but I have been doing better. I did see a difference, and I have only used two wraps. Tonight I am going to be using my third one and I am eating better and drinking more water.


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