#LEDCandles make the best candles when you have kids

I love candles, I think they add an extra spunk to the room. Before I had kids I had all kinds of candles around the house. But once I had kids, well I still had the candles but I did not really use them. Ok sure some kids might not play with them and my kids might not ether, BUT they are runners. Meaning that all it takes is one good run by and BAM the candle is on the floor. So why chance it while they are young.

So what can I do to still have my candles without worrying about burning the house down? How about LED candles? I know some of you might have seen or heard of them before. But this brand by White Light Design is great. The candle does not look like plastic like some others I have seen, its made from real wax. So it feels like a read candle. The light also flickers like a read flame. Making this LED candle feeling real without the worry of a read flame. Oh wait did I tell you that it comes with a clicker? Yeah so now you don;t have to get up and turn them on.

Here is my set of three wit the light on

And this is why I can't have real candles in my house!

I love my LED candles by White Light Design. They really do light up any room with an extra touch. If you have little ones this is really the best way to go.


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