Mom has been sick

Sorry I have been out of the loop the last three days. My mom got really sick the other day and is still in the hospital. She has type 2 diabetes and was starting to get insulin shots when her body started to freak out. She said she felt sick and cold but we did not know how bad it was. After three days of not feeling better my dad decided to take her to the ER. When she can in her hear rate was 220! A normal heart rate is 90-100. Her blood presser was really high too, as well as her blood sugar (about 400, 100 is about normal for her). The triage  nurse then told my dad they where going to have a ton of doctors in there and there might be talk of a crash cart.

They ended up giving her some meds the did flat line her.....but that was what it was supposed to do, and it only did it for half a second and then her heart rate started to go back to normal. She ended up becoming stable but they wanted to keep her over night. Well that was yesterday. She has seen a heart doctor as well as a kidney doctor and that all came out fine. So we think she is just having a bad reaction to her insulin shots


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